How Crucial is Tracking a Host Phone Without Jailbreaking it in the Workplace to Prevent Theft?

The IT industry has suffered a excellent deal on the increasing loss of capital due to theft inside the firm. This was revealed by a report done by insurer Hiscox. And also the worthiness of atomic? It has been found to attain an ordinary level of $200,000. For this reason alone, the importance of monitoring a host phone without even jailbreaking it inside the workplace is highlighted.

Many companies now invest at a unique program such as Highster Mobile that will help them monitor their employees during working hours. To work with this software effectively, companies prohibit personal mobiles at the workplace and provide companion phones in order to track their workers on.

Because of this device, equipped with a monitoring software that enables one to connect with a server mobile without any jailbreaking it, bosses can check on their employees and supervise them remotely. Doing so can increase productivity and efficiency in the corporation. And, more importantly, secrets can be protected and theft within the company may be prevented.

Here are a few situations that reveal the benefits of working with a cell phone tracking software in your employees.

1. Phone thieving in Albuquerque. Two Walmart employees could steal a Samsung Galaxy phone and also an iPhone using their cards. While organizations put great effort into tracking clients, especially suspicious types, it is in fact the employees that will need to be monitored.

2. Par Pharmaceuticals secrets were all stolen. Two employees from Par Pharmaceuticals Inc. lacked company secrets, resigned, and started his own company to rival their own former companies. It was shown that a well known cardiopulmonary medication was stolen and produced to take on that of Par Pharmaceuticals. What is even worse is that the 2 ex-employees convinced their former co-workers to leave and join their company as an alternative.

3. Malawian Water Board theft. Employees at this water plank used their position to run off with a enormous amount of money amounting to $1.7 million in tests. The checks were payable to them since funding to the project, nevertheless they pocketed the amount of money instead of utilizing it for the water board. While the task was captured, the employees could operate off and cannot be tracked.

In the event the above businesses could invest in cell phone monitoring software, all these illegal activities could have been averted.

But companies now are more knowledgeable and more prepared for such instances. Hence, the use of programs like Highster Mobile has increased and keep doing so.

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